Tiny changes and mammoth decisions.

As I pieced together this movie, watching, editing,watching, editing, I felt last minute pangs of uneasiness. Part of me wanted to re-film sections to show the more ‘finished’ pieces of artwork, I was somewhat concerned of representing these artists badly, not showing the reality of how beautiful their artwork is. Sometimes it is easy to slip into the habit of only focusing on outcomes and forgetting the process that gets us there. I realised, however, it isn’t always about representing ‘completed artworks’, it is about showing the creating and evolving of ideas, the tiny changes and mammoth decisions these artists encounter as they tackle Working Title. So this video shows only a snippet of the activity on the 2nd August, I have included several shots from different moments in the day to show the extent that things can change in such short spaces of time.

This is exactly the reason that the documentation of Working Title is so important. Even if we managed to take a photo an hour, every hour, until September 25th, we wouldn’t even begin to convey the ever-changing nature of what is happening in gallery 1. I believe that is why the engagement of the viewer with the space, artists, and artwork is key, and viewing this transformative process first hand is what makes Working Title different to your ‘normal’ exhibition.


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