Artists taking part in this summer’s Working Title exhibition include (click on names for link to artists website, dates that artists are in the gallery are also shown):

Kate Parrott 21-23rd July

Will Cruickshank 11th-17th July, 12th- 18th September

Amy Twigger Holroyd 8th- 14th August

Nicola Dale 15th -21st August

Beata Kozlowska 14th-28th August

Charlie Hurcombe 30th July- 5th August, 12th- 18th September

Andy Parker Every Tuesday and Wednesday until 18th September

Jason Taylor 6th- 12th August, 22nd-28th August, 19th-25th September

Lode Geens 19th-25th September

Paul Matosic 11th- 17th July, 29th- 31st August

Tom Davis 5th-18th September

Tamara Van San 31st July- 14th August


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