Jason Taylor

With Jason Taylor, Amy Twigger-Holroyd and Tamara Van San in the gallery, there was bound to be an interesting video or two created today. I decided to show this simple, yet beautiful video of one of Jason Taylor’s creations. (Watch the video in full screen to see the objects he has used, rolls of stickers, bearings, microwave stand, record player) He seems to gather a hundred different ‘elements’ and assembles them in a hundred different ways, its amazing to watch, his energy for putting these things together is endless. It is easy to see why he came up with these cards as a tool for children’s workshops, he uses the same basis for his own artwork.

He also brought a book with him documenting Russian made artefacts during the collapse of the soviet union. Ordinary people created objects out of any materials they could come across. Out of necessity, they combined these materials to create functional objects such as toys, abacuses, baskets and doormats.

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