Working Title: Exhibition

A quickly thrown together video of the ‘Working Title’ exhibition, come in and experience it for yourself, it really is a bit of a marvel. The exhibition only runs until the 9th October so hurry hurry!


Jason Taylor’s ‘Golf loop’

Above is a video of a piece Jason created in his final stint at Working Title, using his previously made golf chair, the viewer/participator must place the ball into the structure in front of them.

Seventeen seconds

This piece re-organises itself every 17 seconds – the median time that a gallery visitor spends in front of each art work.

by Tom Davis

Tom Davis’s snow globe.

Tom Davis: Day 6

Some more partly finished work to show!

The printer windchime is now coin operated.

I’ve been working on a piece with a Dust Devil hoover. This evolved out of trying to make something with computer cooling fans.  The idea is that it looks like a self sustaining snow globe. As you can see it still needs a lot of work.

Finally, today I started something with the scanner part of the printer. The finished idea is to have the lights moving in opposite directions constantly rearranging themselves in new ways. This will hopefully be further developed next week.

Tom Davis: Day three

A bit of a frustrating day today. Mainly as I did’t have the right technology to implement the ideas I had. That and the hard drives wern’t playing ball. More on that hopefully in the coming week. My ardunio however arrived and after a trip to Maplin (my third this week) I had it up and running with some basic controlling of the printer windchime. Video posted below.

Toaster looped

The last loop I made was this sound loop with the toaster that was sat on the wall all week saying “you haven’t finished me yet”.

Using old headphones from the junk I made them into a microphone and then plugged them into an amp. Turned up volume to cause feedback which then caused the toaster to vibrate inside and so creating an endless sound loop. Visually though it looks like the toaster is listening rather than talking.