Jason Taylor’s ‘Golf loop’

Above is a video of a piece Jason created in his final stint at Working Title, using his previously made golf chair, the viewer/participator must place the ball into the structure in front of them.


i am not an artist.

So I write this after 4 days into my second stint at ‘Working title’ so really after 11 days of working with junk to make other stuff with. So this is kind of a stream of consciousness  and also  after 2 pints and half a can, so forgive me for my honesty and bad english. So as I have said before in a previous post i’ve found some kind of creative freedom. I have responded to the objects that have been brought in – I make them talk to me and they tell me what they would rather be – not really.

I am not an artist, i’m not allowed to be an artist cause I have not trained to be one, (god he’s got a hang up) but pretending to be one has been liberating and fun. I made a light yesterday which I would never dream of making normally, as it is a one off. As a designer if I spend time designing a light it’s got to be repeatable, safe, sellable and profitable. This assemblage is not repeatable or safe so it usurps the other things. But it exist now and it works – so it  has to be art, right? – if so maybe it is sellable….

In the first week I put a lot of objects out of context on the wall. Some worked and some I returned to, to do more with like the toaster, It’s like maximising there potential. I’ve now grown in confidence from every new thing I do and i’ve also fed off other artists. Some may say – he’s now cocky.

Jason Taylor

Toaster looped

The last loop I made was this sound loop with the toaster that was sat on the wall all week saying “you haven’t finished me yet”.

Using old headphones from the junk I made them into a microphone and then plugged them into an amp. Turned up volume to cause feedback which then caused the toaster to vibrate inside and so creating an endless sound loop. Visually though it looks like the toaster is listening rather than talking.


Loops from last week ( I do like simple themes). In my first week while I was playing/experimenting with the junk/treasure I tried to develop some themes. ‘Loops’ was one that had some milleage as well as the different meanings, it got me thinking about different kinds of loops. The closed loop – the idea that information could go round and round… This also connected to another theme making fake objects i.e. objects that look like they work. This is evident in the plug socket and ceiling rose connected – it pretends that there is an electricity supply in the wall creating a loop. The socket is also fake because there was only a blank in junk so I cut off the pins to fix plug on. (is anyone interested in these details?) but it was pleasing to find things that could connect together to form loops, whether it works visually is another matter…

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Creative Freedom – making do can make it better

So it’s been 5 days of playing at Aspex Gallery and it’s been great, I guess the overwhelming feeling has been ‘creative freedom’. This sounds counterintuitive as we only have a pile of junk to work with to create new ideas and objects. I normally design & create functional objects which take time to develop and resolve, but this project has given me the freedom to explore other themes…

Only using the objects that have been collected is changing the nature of my work. I might want something else that isn’t there for an idea or assemblage and I have to use something similar to complete it. This has in some cases strengthened the original idea, so making do can really make it better and also make you think freer. (I never used that word something really is going wrong)

Jason Taylor.

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temporary interventions – tube balance and wheel arch.

Jason Taylor

With Jason Taylor, Amy Twigger-Holroyd and Tamara Van San in the gallery, there was bound to be an interesting video or two created today. I decided to show this simple, yet beautiful video of one of Jason Taylor’s creations. (Watch the video in full screen to see the objects he has used, rolls of stickers, bearings, microwave stand, record player) He seems to gather a hundred different ‘elements’ and assembles them in a hundred different ways, its amazing to watch, his energy for putting these things together is endless. It is easy to see why he came up with these cards as a tool for children’s workshops, he uses the same basis for his own artwork.

He also brought a book with him documenting Russian made artefacts during the collapse of the soviet union. Ordinary people created objects out of any materials they could come across. Out of necessity, they combined these materials to create functional objects such as toys, abacuses, baskets and doormats.

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