The beginning of the middle.

After having a search in the shed and collecting a box of unwanted plumbing paraphernalia, I took a trip to the ‘Bring and Bye’ weekend at aspex to add to their every-growing collection of donated household goods. The variety of objects is incredibly visually pleasing, and to add to it and know that these items could become an integral part of an artwork is an opportunity not to be missed.

The items are varied, but still pre-chosen and dictated by visitors and organised collections. It is interesting how this completely open-ended task, with no fixed ideas of outcomes, is still bound by its materials, even though the possibilities created are infinite. And with these infinite possibilities, an object will always carry its baggage with it, in any state it is transformed into. It will always tell a story about its previous life, and the viewer will always place this object is some sort of memory.

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I thought I would try to track a few of these plumbing pieces throughout the process, they could be lost in a simple artistic experiment, or perhaps be sold as part of a sculptural piece, either way they have extensive possibilities ahead of them. Perhaps the most important uncertainty is whether an artist or visitor will use them, I am hoping for both, and am especially interested in visitors reactions to the materials put in front of them.

Today begins the process of artists being in the space, starting with Will Cruickshank, Paul Matosic and Andy Parker, don’t forget to stop in at the gallery during this time (9th July- 25th September) to watch the evolution of ideas and artwork. Take a look here for a full list of artists that are involved in ‘ Working Title’. You can also follow us on Twitter.


The indeterminate object.

Items are beginning to accumulate in Gallery one already, with the space divided loosely into 3 areas, it is starting to take shape. With an area for the artists to create their artworks, a space for materials, and a visitors area, there is a real sense of the space just waiting to progress further, wanting movement and flux.

‘If asked, then: What kind of transformation actually occurs when the everyday object is recontextualised as part of, or the whole of, an art object? I would reply: none. The artist’s work is to engage with alchemical transformation. What occurs is a new entry in a kind of socialised dictionary of art forms. Actual transformation is neither sought or accomplished, but rather an object which we might term ‘indeterminate’ is allocated a new definition, where it rests in uneasy temporary repose.’

Nicholas de Ville, ‘The indeterminate object theorized and the discursive plastic form’, 1993

Jessica Stockholder

‘ Translating our interior landscapes to canvas may not be the most interesting subject in the world all by itself. We are, however, each of us, possessed of a unique subjectivity, and what we make of ourselves in the world might indeed be very important to others. I think it is misguided to believe that just because evidence of the hand is missing from the artwork, that feeling and evidence of subjectivity are erased. The gesture of placing an object in a room is not so far removed from making a gesture with a brush. ‘

Bring and Bye.

Saturday 9th- Sunday 10th July, 11am-5pm

Do you have any unwanted domestic goods that you would like to give a new life to?

aspex invites you to donate these objects to be used in our new exhibition, where selected artists and visitors are invited to use these materials to create new and exciting artworks.

Bring along these unused and beyond repair items and see these cast-offs transformed over the course of ‘Working title’.

Please note we are unable to take fridge freezers, mattresses, cookers and other large scale domestic items as these are difficult to dispose of.

Nicola Dale, Fly kim deal 2009

About Working Title


Gallery 1
9 July – 25 September 2011

’Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together’ – Marilyn Monroe

This summer aspex will undertake a rag and bone-style collection of unwanted domestic and small-scale industrial items within Portsmouth and Southsea. Selected artists will take these objects, which are no longer fit or have served their purpose and will turn them into something that is potentially beautiful and definitely different.

aspex’s main gallery space will function as both workshop and exhibition space with artists working for fixed periods throughout the project. Visitors will be able to access the gallery, observe & talk to the artists while they transform cast-offs into new creations or incorporate them into performances. An auction will take place during the final weekend of the show where the artists’ work will be available to the highest bidder.

Working Title is part-financed by the European Union, and is part of Landscapes, Cities, People, a project which aims to build and broaden audiences for contemporary visual art in the UK, France and Belgium.

Bring & Bye: Saturday 9 July and Sunday 10 July, 11am – 5pm
If you miss the rag & bone collection drop your unwanted items into the gallery at our Bring & Bye weekend. 

Artists taking part in this summer’s Working Title exhibition include:
Will Cruikshank, Amy Twigger Holroyd, Nicola Dale, Lode Geens, Beata Kozlowska, Charlie Hurcombe, Andy Parker, Jason Taylor, Paul Matosic, Thomas Davis, Tamara Van San.

Jason Taylor