i am not an artist.

So I write this after 4 days into my second stint at ‘Working title’ so really after 11 days of working with junk to make other stuff with. So this is kind of a stream of consciousness  and also  after 2 pints and half a can, so forgive me for my honesty and bad english. So as I have said before in a previous post i’ve found some kind of creative freedom. I have responded to the objects that have been brought in – I make them talk to me and they tell me what they would rather be – not really.

I am not an artist, i’m not allowed to be an artist cause I have not trained to be one, (god he’s got a hang up) but pretending to be one has been liberating and fun. I made a light yesterday which I would never dream of making normally, as it is a one off. As a designer if I spend time designing a light it’s got to be repeatable, safe, sellable and profitable. This assemblage is not repeatable or safe so it usurps the other things. But it exist now and it works – so it  has to be art, right? – if so maybe it is sellable….

In the first week I put a lot of objects out of context on the wall. Some worked and some I returned to, to do more with like the toaster, It’s like maximising there potential. I’ve now grown in confidence from every new thing I do and i’ve also fed off other artists. Some may say – he’s now cocky.

Jason Taylor


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