‘Constructing the order- part 1′ written by Beata Kozlowska

Beata Kozlowska, Broadening the view, Aspex

Beata Kozlowska, Broadening the View‘Working Title, Aspex

On the first day of my arrival to Aspex gallery on Sunday, I was impressed by the good choice of brought ‘public’ objects.
Following my intuition, I started immediately selecting wide range of objects, part- elements, prefabricates….
The selection of elements is purely improvisational and rather dictated by aesthetic symbiosis within the assemblage.

Beata Kozlowska, After the Fall, Aspex

Beata Kozlowska, The New Eldorado, Aspex

Beata Kozlowska, The New Eldorado, ( detail) Aspex

My first installation is deliberately limited to round shapes, lines, reflection of stripes of randomly selected elements. It became an intriguing  Game for me as an artist and the viewer. I intend to make links between disparate elements and materials with unconscious desire to find HARMONY And CLARITY in unwanted/ rejected/ negative… The necessity to construct a new ORDER based on existing, may have some inner roots in deconstruction similar to metaphor of ‘reborning the Phoenix from Ashes’ for the sake  of clarifying and relieving…

Beata Kozlowska, AnneXing, Aspex (studio view work in progress)

In my practice each element is treated as a part of the linguistic game, which is attempting to re-construct the Masculine Symbolic ( existing in the nature of our everyday logical communication/or rather LANGUAGE). In order to access the Inner primal Order, based on Temporality, adjustment, improvisation and intuition, playful approach is necessary. This leads to the process of dismantling and depriving the function of the original object…hovever, my work has utopian aspirations….Therefore I pay such a close attention to colour and form…


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