The beginning of the middle.

After having a search in the shed and collecting a box of unwanted plumbing paraphernalia, I took a trip to the ‘Bring and Bye’ weekend at aspex to add to their every-growing collection of donated household goods. The variety of objects is incredibly visually pleasing, and to add to it and know that these items could become an integral part of an artwork is an opportunity not to be missed.

The items are varied, but still pre-chosen and dictated by visitors and organised collections. It is interesting how this completely open-ended task, with no fixed ideas of outcomes, is still bound by its materials, even though the possibilities created are infinite. And with these infinite possibilities, an object will always carry its baggage with it, in any state it is transformed into. It will always tell a story about its previous life, and the viewer will always place this object is some sort of memory.

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I thought I would try to track a few of these plumbing pieces throughout the process, they could be lost in a simple artistic experiment, or perhaps be sold as part of a sculptural piece, either way they have extensive possibilities ahead of them. Perhaps the most important uncertainty is whether an artist or visitor will use them, I am hoping for both, and am especially interested in visitors reactions to the materials put in front of them.

Today begins the process of artists being in the space, starting with Will Cruickshank, Paul Matosic and Andy Parker, don’t forget to stop in at the gallery during this time (9th July- 25th September) to watch the evolution of ideas and artwork. Take a look here for a full list of artists that are involved in ‘ Working Title’. You can also follow us on Twitter.


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