The indeterminate object.

Items are beginning to accumulate in Gallery one already, with the space divided loosely into 3 areas, it is starting to take shape. With an area for the artists to create their artworks, a space for materials, and a visitors area, there is a real sense of the space just waiting to progress further, wanting movement and flux.

‘If asked, then: What kind of transformation actually occurs when the everyday object is recontextualised as part of, or the whole of, an art object? I would reply: none. The artist’s work is to engage with alchemical transformation. What occurs is a new entry in a kind of socialised dictionary of art forms. Actual transformation is neither sought or accomplished, but rather an object which we might term ‘indeterminate’ is allocated a new definition, where it rests in uneasy temporary repose.’

Nicholas de Ville, ‘The indeterminate object theorized and the discursive plastic form’, 1993


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